In addition to reconditioning office furniture, Réseau-Bureautique is able to offer you a wide range of separate or turn-key services.


To eliminate the concept of waste in how we view the world, you have to start by understanding that the concept of waste doesn’t exist.

William A. McDonough
Author: Cradle to cradle

Refurbishing your current furniture

-Modular work stations, filing cabinets, chairs, wooden furniture.

Reconditioned furniture sales

-Same product, same guarantee, responsible choice.

As-is furniture sales

-Substantial savings on quality furniture in excellent condition.

New free-standing furniture sales

-Very competitive prices on the products of over 50 manufacturers, most of which are based in Quebec.

Furniture rentals

-Ideal solution for short-term projects.

Buy-back program

-Ideal solution for medium-term projects (e.g . engineering projects).   

Furniture purchasing

-We buy quality furniture (modular work stations, filing cabinets, etc.)

Project management

-Turn-key, ideal for SMEs

Delivery & installation of our products

-Experienced, specialized and certified team



Typical Installation – Réseau-Bureautique