A pioneer in sustainable development, Réseau-Bureautique helps companies reduce their ecological footprint by providing them with responsible furnishing solutions (supporting certificate).


Réseau-Bureautique is exactly the type of initiative that is in line with sustainable development principles.
-Corinne Gendron
Holder of the Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Chair at the UQAM School of Management Science.

  In addition to contributing to LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) project certification, the products offered by Réseau-Bureautique have a direct connection with the environment…  

The energy saved by reconditioning a modular (five-panel) work station could supply 10 single-family homes for one whole day.


Reconditioning 100 work stations would save enough energy to supply three homes for one year.
  Réseau-Bureautique recovers an average of 3,500 components from modular systems in one year. 150 tonnes of metal are recycled every year by Réseau-Bureautique.  

  Before the expression “sustainable development” was even popular, every effort was made to maximize responsible management of materials, reduce transportation and provide a locally made product.Réseau-Bureautique’s DNA draws on the current top environmental issues, namely:
Recovering components that are no longer used by salvaging the old fabrics and cardboard for packaging our product and using used pallets for transporting.
Re-using means using a product the way it is, for the same purpose. This is called an “as is” product. It is thoroughly cleaned and is in excellent condition.
Recycling means taking a product back to the raw materials to then re-do the finish. The “reconditioned” products offered by Réseau-Bureautique have the same guarantee as new products and note that there is no compromise to be made.